Live Stream to your audience

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Streamit will handle all of your web streaming needs.

Your streaming content might be as simple as one or two people at a desk. Or maybe you have a much larger event.

Our team will support all of your technical needs, including sound …  lighting …  and on-site video distribution.

The web streaming solutions we use at streamit can be deployed quickly and easily.  And best of all: it’s easily affordable.

Our crews know how to get in place at a moment’s notice and go live at almost any location. Today’s wireless equipment is compact and non obtrusive.

Most clients don’t need a full blown studio … but if you do, we’re ready. 

Streamit services are reliable and secure. Only the people you select will be able to see your content.

If you want to watch your event again, we can store your live streams for future use. The content can be re-edited for any number of uses.

In fact, my image that you are watching right now has been streamed and re-edited.

Streaming is affordable … it’s simple … and it can really provide a boost to your business.  Give us a call. We will be glad to talk to you about your event, meeting, convention … or any other communications need you have. We are here to help. ffffff

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