Drone webcasting and video streaming

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In building construction, topping out, sometimes referred to as topping off is a builders’ rite traditionally held when the last beam or its equivalent is placed atop a structure during its construction. Nowadays, the ceremony is often parlayed into a media event for public relations purposes. We can combine our drone and webcasting services to provide a unique live event celebrating your special project completion or media announcement of your new location opening. We can provide a ground video production crew, still photographer, drone crew and webcast to live stream your event. Deliverables would work wonderfully for your marketing communications department. Still images, recorded video clips and printed materials can be further created for mailings and website communications.

Call Rob Haller at 314-604-6544 for further information on how our Stream-It Crew can help you at your next streaming event. Or email us: stlouisvideos@gmail.com

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